Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind comes from knowing you are protected from mishap or disaster. Coast Networx, Inc.provides this by offering both Image and File level onsite and Cloud based Backup and Disaster Recovery option or a Hybrid Solution. Each solution give real time Alerts so we always know your Backups are working correctly.

Image Level Backups are our primary method is delivering high end Backup & Disaster Recovery.

  • Coast Networx, Inc. takes reliable images of your machine that preserve data, applications, and more as they change over time.
  • We can protect your IT environment, including server, small business server, desktop, and virtual.
  • We even can protect Exchange and SQL servers.
  • We mount images as drives so we know that they work (and get file-and-folder recovery at the same time).
  • We can replicate images to your own offsite storage using our intelligent FTP technology or to one of our Secure Data Centers to keep your data safe, whatever the disaster.
  • We can use the Virtual Boot to launch a Backup image as a virtual machine, so while you’re waiting for new hardware, you can keep your business running with a single laptop.
  • With our Hardware Independent Restore technology, you can restore to any machine, whether it’s physical or virtual, and regardless of manufacturer or model.

File Level Backups are performed to the Cloud. They are scheduled to run on set schedules.  The benefit to using File Level Backups it individual files can be Hand-Picked to be backups up to the Cloud such as your QuickBooks Company Files. Data is secured using 3-tier encryption in transit and providing peace of mind for our customers that their data will not be compromised at any stage of the backup or restore process.

BDR for Backups

Coast Networx, Inc. can deploy a Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) Server at your site for fast recovery from a primary server failure. This ensures a speedy recovery from a server failure.  These BDR server will house your backup images and each of these can be Virtually Booted and have your business up and running on no time if your primary server goes down! The BDR server can protect and Virtually Boot multiple servers all from one box.

Black Box Hard Drive (Onsite)

Coast Networx, Inc. also delivers a special Backup device that is Fire-Water-Building Collapse Proof, USB device that protects your Data onsite. Our backups are stored here and then pushed to an offsite /Cloud location for offsite safe keeping. We keep a local copy of your backups in these devices for fast recovery and for redundancy.