As part of our complete Managed Services Plan, we offer 2 types of Help for our customers, Remote and Onsite.  We offer a variety of ways to receive Help; Call, Live Chat or by submitting a Help Desk Ticket.

Managed Services customers receive priority support over non MSP customers.  When you need us, we are there, Remotely or Onsite in person!

We have over 12 years helping local businesses excel and be productive.  Our support technicians are always ready to do what it takes to resolve anything that may arise!

As one our Managed Services customers you will access to your own Cloud Portal to Administer, Submit, Check-on and Reopen any help desk tickets.

Additionally, you will have a Help icon on you Tray of your computer with access to all the above ways to get help when you need it!

We offers 2 levels of support, 8×5 and 24/7 plans. They are designed for customers that have different needs. These support plans are for Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm support or 24 hours round the clock support.

Feature of Help Desk Services

Coast Networx, Inc. Services Help Desk Services features the following:

Comprehensive support for PC and Mac systems and applications.

Certified experts in North America delivering real-time assistance and coaching to the end users with both application software and PC operations.

Web-based chat connects to the end users with our Help Desk Technicians in seconds to receive whatever help they need – anytime, anywhere, anything.

Remote access technologies enable our Help Desk Technicians to perform direct diagnostics, determine what the end user’s technical problem is, implement corrections and instruct the end user to achieve resolution without interrupting the end user. Technologies used for remote sessions will primarily be those available through the Coast Networx, Inc. RMM (Remote Monitoring & Management), and where required, using a remoting technology.

If the problem cannot be remedied remotely, a support technician will promptly be dispatched to your company’s site and you will be provided excellent service, in person, by a knowledgeable professional.

Help Desk Scope of Services

Help Desk includes support to answer end user questions and resolve issues that can include, but are not limited to:

Help using workstation operating systems, including (where applicable) assistance responding to system and application error messages, enabling or removing start-up programs, removing programs, enabling and scheduling performance optimization and maintenance features, managing attached devices such as printers and scanners.

Perform remote diagnostics and problem determination for malfunctions with computer hardware components, including assistance recovery and installation of the most current drivers for the end user’s hardware.

Internet basics such as browsing, email, instant messaging and social networking. Help Desk Technicians will help end users with applications such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Hotmail or Outlook, and any other web application.

Internet Safety and Security Help

Installation and operation of antivirus, antispam and firewalls. Assistance in the diagnosis, control and removal of infections using remote automated tools. These tasks will be performed using tools native to Coast Networx, Inc. RMM or other named technologies.

Technical support for the installation and operation of commercial application software applications, in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications and provisions.

Technical assistance in recovering from failures that prevent commercial application software from operating in accordance with the original manufacturer’s specifications and provisions. Coast Networx, Inc. responsibilities will be limited to applying software updates, fixes and patches, as made publicly available by the software manufacturer. In the event that it is determined that the software installation has been corrupted, Coast Networx, Inc. will assist the end user in software re-installation, providing the end user has ownership and access to valid authorization codes and original software media.

Help with connectivity and collaboration between PC and digital devices such as BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Mobile, and Android.

Multimedia Help with CD / DVD creation, digital cameras, online photo storage and image editing software such as Photoshop and Adobe.

Assistance in configuring registered computers to participate in a local area network (LAN), wired or wireless for file and device sharing, such as shared printers, disk drives, external storage, scanners, and multimedia equipment.

Assistance in basic software configuration of home/SOHO quality networking equipment such as DSL modems and routers (not to exceed five (5) ports).

Troubleshooting LAN performance and connectivity. Verification of connectivity between registered computers as well as from any of those computers connected to the Internet.

And much more…