Managed Services is a cycle and Discovery is an important first part to building the perfect Managed Service Plan for your Organization. Our Discovery Assessments we perform, will lay the foundation for Coast Networx, Inc. to deploy the perfect Plan for your Organization.

Feature Summary

Performing Discovery Assessment lets us rapidly identify and address critical—and potentially costly—issues for our clients. Designed specifically by Coast Networx, Inc. these reports provide us with insight into your IT environment, identifying pain points and security gaps, and providing us with the foundation to build a perfect Managed Services Plan for your Organization.


Coast Networx, Inc. Discovery Assessment benefits by uncovering problem areas so we may address each issue and protect our customer’s assets and drive their productivity higher.

Establish a foundation of trust based on empirical and actionable data is essential for our Partnership with our customers

Our Discovery Assessment will automatically discover IT assets and clearly communicate the value of our services.

  • Hardware Inventory Summary – Provides a comprehensive record of all hardware (workstations, routers, network printers, switches, and more). Discover the diversity of the environment and identify obsolete equipment.
  • Software Inventory Summary – Provides a detailed inventory of all applications on each workstation or server, all operating systems and hotfixes, and then identify unauthorized software that needs to be removed or out-of-date software that needs upgrading.
  • Site Device Summary – Get quick access to device, memory, CPU and storage information making sure they are not being maxed.
  • Windows Licensing Summary – Identify issues with Windows® licensing, compliance or security issues, such as illegal or unlicensed copies.
  • Server Health Summary – Identifies all servers and assess Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as installed memory, CPU performance, server uptime and disk utilization.
  • Windows Security Audit – Identify current security issues including missing security updates, weak passwords, and firewall and access vulnerabilities.
  • Network Services Summary – Identifies services active on all devices, including potential trouble spots such as a webservers with open FTP.

And many more…

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