Cloud Sync

Imagine having access to the most current revision of any files you need no matter where you or team members are located.  With Coast Networx, Inc. Cloud Sync this can be done Simply, Seamlessly and safely using a secure Private Cloud as your file repository.

Cloud_Sync  Cloud Sync

Cloud Sync offers file sync between your computer and mobile devices.

Syncing your files to and from the Cloud has great benefits.

• Protect their files through automated backups
• Access their files from multiple computers and devices easily
• Share their files with friends, family, clients, and coworkers
• Collaborate on their files with coworkers and teams
• Rest easy knowing their files are safe in a private cloud
• Ensure their files remain private, confidential, encrypted and secure

Cloud Sync can be setup for use with multiple users, computers and devices. This is typical in an office environment with employees or remote teams, where you need control over who has access to what.

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Cloud Sync Follows Stringent Regulatory Standards

Using Cloud Sync complies with Government data privacy legislation such as HIPAA, PIPEDA and FIPPA which has increasingly made business owners liable in the event of unauthorized data access.

Cloud Sync tracks all user activity, including adds, deletes, and changes, making it easy to download and restore any deleted files and previous versions.  Content shared with clients is known by “You as the Publisher” and meets requirements many markets such as Medical, Legal or Financial.

You are in Control with Cloud Sync

Cloud Sync provides a robust user management system that makes it easy to configure user level access control to your files. To get started, log in to the web panel with your admin account username and password.

You will see a listing of the files and folders that you’ve already added to Cloud Sync. Click the manage share icon beside any folder. This will allow you to control who has access to what.

If you add a user with an existing Cloud Sync account, the user will be prompted to join the share immediately; otherwise, the user will be given instructions on how to create a Cloud Sync account and access the share.

At any time you can add or remove users from the shares. Cloud Sync keeps a copy of every change made to every file, allowing you to see who’s made changes, as well as view and restore any previous version. You’re always in control.


Looking to have your business focus around cloud-based file storage file storage and seamlessly integrated you Windows Applications and Network, then Microsoft line of Cloud Storage is best. Coast Networx, Inc. can help you determine what Microsoft Cloud is the best fit for you!


Needing to access documents from multiple devices and locations??? SkyDrive is your answer.  No more saving documents in multiple places just to make sure you can access them when you need to.  No more converting your documents to a different format in order to view them on your mobile device only to have the document look and act completely different from the way you designed it.  No more getting to your meeting and realizing you forgot to copy the latest version of your presentation to your flash drive.

 Microsoft SkyDrive (OneDrive) and SkyDrive Pro (Sharepoint File Services) are each unique ways to keep your documents in one place AND yet allow you to take documents with you without requiring you to manage the latest versions.  You store your documents the way you need to and they are automatically synchronized and accessible with all your desktop or mobile devices automatically.  Work with your documents anywhere and never be without your most important documents again.

Coast Networx, Inc. can help you figure which technology is best for your business.