Cloud Backup

A Good Backup Strategy is essential to business continuity.  Like security, the best backup strategies involve layers of protection.  The layers of Backup-ability is what makes for a true Disaster Recovery Plan.


There are ultimately two types of backups available for protecting your business data, File-Level and Image-Based backups. Coast Networx, Inc. offer both.  Either of these backups types can be placed in the Cloud for secure keeping.  It is important to have access to your data when a disaster or simple mishap occurs.

The recipe for data backup success starts and ends with:

  1. Local on Premise secure backups
  2. Verification of successful backups
  3. Secure Cloud backups
  4. Success/Failure Notifications

Security is important especially in Cloud Backup Strategies.  All data backups are password protected and 256-bit AES encrypted before uploading to the Cloud for safe keeping.  The backups are verified for integrity on a regular basis and Notifications are sent daily.

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workspace-home (1)Are my cloud backups working…. Is a question that is on the minds of Business owners just like you!  After each backup an email notification is sent to inform of the success or failure of your Cloud backups. You’ll always be in the know of the state of your Cloud Backups with Coast Networx, Inc.

Coast Networx, Inc. offers a wide variety of Cloud-Based backup strategies, from simple file-based to imaged-based, fully mountable, each full Virtual Server access from the Cloud, based backup solutions.

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