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We offer these services

Managed Services

Remote Network Support

Coast Networx, Inc. has recently made a substantial investment in what will certainly be the future of IT support and network management. Our new Managed Services offering will allow IT consultants and network administrators to provide support to their clients and end users utilizing the latest cutting edge technology.CNI is taking these new steps in order to provide our clients with the response time they deserve. Manged Services enables us to remotely support our clients networks and monitor all devices 24 hours a day 7 days a week. By proactivly monitoring devices and receiving live reports and e-mail notifications on the health of your servers and workstations we will know about issues long before the client knows there was even a problem.Response time to incidents will be drastically improved for all Managed Services clients due to the remote access technology integrated in the software...read more

Business Systems Support

Coast Networx engineers are trained and have specific knowledge on most all off today's current technologies. Depending on your needs we can recommend and deploy today's current technologies to help improve your business systems...read more

Residential Services

In-Home Support & Backup

Coast Networx, Inc now offers in-home residential service to address the growing need & demand to support home users. Our friendly, courteous highly trained staff will come directly to your home to resolve all of your technical issues. Need help setting up your Ipod, Wireless system, Blackberry or MP3 player? No problem our staff will be more then happy to help...read more