Residental Services

In-Home Support & Backup

Coast Networx, Inc now offers in-home residential service to address the growing need & demand to support home users. Our friendly, courteous highly trained staff will come directly to your home to resolve all of your technical issues. Need help setting up your Ipod, Wireless system, Blackberry or MP3 player? No problem our staff will be more then happy to help.

Coast Networx, Inc. prides itself on hiring the right people. It is imperative to us that you not only get a skilled technician,

but a someone who is friendly & courteous that leaves you with a good feeling about our company when they leave.

Offsite Backup for your important documents

One of the worst things that can happen to a business or home user is data loss. Data loss frequently occurs during storms when power outages or brown outs occur causing power surges that can kill hard drives. A common misconception is that if your PC is connected to a basic surge protector you will be protected. High end surge protection devices may absorb some of the surge but in general most of them do not and the PC takes the hit. If your hard drive fails do to a power surge or for any other reason at all, it can be expensive and time consuming to get the data back if it can even be recovered at all. In many cases, failed hard drives are unrecoverable.

Coast Networx, Inc. has partnered with an Internet vaulting company that will backup your entire PC or just the important data you want. The backups will run quietly in the background (Generally at night) and encrypt, then stream your data over the Internet to an offsite storage facility. Backups will continue to run nightly (Or however often you would like) backing up just the changes you make to your PC limiting the bandwidth needed to backup your files. In the event you need to recover a document or file, just log into their website, and download the files to your PC, it is that simple. Vault Logix maintains You will receive an e-mail confirmation daily confirming the backup was successful.

If you are concerned about power surges, make sure to install surge protector with a battery backup. These types of devices cause the battery to take the hit and not your PC and will safely shut down your computer in the event of a power outage. Give us a call and we can help recommend a good device.

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Residential Services