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Managed Services

Remote Network Support

Coast Networx, Inc. has recently made a substantial investment in what will certainly be the future of IT support and network management. Our new Managed Services offering will allow IT consultants and network administrators to provide support to their clients and end users utilizing the latest cutting edge technology.   

CNI is taking these new steps in order to provide our clients with the response time they deserve. Manged Services enables us to remotely support our clients networks and monitor all devices 24 hours a day 7 days a week. By proactively monitoring devices and receiving live reports and e-mail notifications on the health of your servers and workstations we will know about issues long before the client knows there was even a problem.

Response time to incidents will be drastically improved for all Managed Services clients due to the remote access technology integrated in the software.

Key Software features include:

Real time network monitoring of ALL network Servers, Desktops, Laptops, Switches, Routers, Firewalls, Spam Filters, Web Filters, Wireless Access Points, Network Printers or anything with an IP address. Imagine being able to pull up a web site from any Internet connected computer whether at home or work and looking at the most intricate details of every single device on your network.

Instant Remote access to ANY Server, PC or Laptop in or out of the office utilizing VNC, Terminal Services, or a proprietary Remote Support Manager that enables you to work on a laptop or desktop without disrupting the user! No need to install a remote client ahead of time, the remote software is instantly pushed out from the central server to the device once you click it to take control even if the device is out of the office. 

Automated Tasks such as Disk Defrags, Scan Disks, Virus scans, server reboots, print spooler service restarts and controlled Windows updates. You can determine which updates are downloaded and applied eliminating the accidental downloads of known updates that cause problems. Virtually any task can be automated via a batch file. In the past these were daunting task that rarely ever took place because of the amount of time needed for each PC.

Automated E-mail Alerts or pages You can configure the system to send an automated E-mail alert if any network service goes offline. The network probe sends periodic requests to each network device to check to make sure it is responding, if there is no response an alert is sent to the IT staff via e-mail with specific information to the cause of the problem. ANY network device or service can be configured for alerts all the way down to individual Backup Jobs.

Monthly Automated Reports The System can be configured to generate a monthly report automatically that tells you where all your problem areas are on the network so that proactive solutions can be put in place ahead of time before that hard drive fills up on the server or the Exchange services fail due to maxed out information stores.   

License Compliance As soon as a device is added to the system to be monitored, the agent instantly inventories all the software on the PC so that you can compare your legal licenses with the amount of licenses currently installed on the network. At one click you have an overview of every piece of software installed on your network!   

Automated Network Discovery  The probe can be configured to run a network discovery scan every day and automatically import any new devices detected on the network giving the IT staff instant control over them. Perfect for situations when a PC might be off when the initial scan is run.   

Automated software installation The system can be configured to automatically install new software on machines as they log into the network if it is not already installed. This is very handy for large networks that normally require physically touching every PC to update software.